10 free places to visit in Birmingham

With Birmingham being the second city of the UK, there’s so much to do. But, sometimes you want to be able to go to fun places that don’t cost a fortune. Early Childhood Education and Care student Anmbrin wanted to share 10 free places that you can visit in Birmingham.
“Birmingham is a cultural melting pot, filled with vibrancy and excitement. Exploring a city such as this can be expensive, especially for students. So, I’ve compiled a list of 10 free places in Birmingham you can visit, be it for when you wish to explore the city for some excitement or have some down-time with friends.
1. Parks

Birmingham is full of beautiful views, exploring the parks throughout the city is completely free. A personal favourite of mine is Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham. The park often hosts various events such as Eid Melas and craft markets throughout the year. These feature free performances from various musical genres.
2. Cathedrals
St. Phillip’s Cathedral is based in Birmingham city centre whereas St. Chads is in the Jewellery Quarter. Both cathedrals offer a beautiful view with deep-rooted history that can be explored when visiting. The beauty of the stained-glass windows is sure to grab anyone’s attention as they pass by. There are also several beautiful cathedrals outside of Birmingham city centre should you wish to explore further.
3. Library of Birmingham

The new Library of Birmingham which opened in 2013 is the home to several eye-catching features. There’s so much variety and things to explore from the Shakespeare room to the outdoor space with a view of Birmingham to relax in, there is sure to be something for everyone.
4. Birmingham Symphony Hall
There are select performances that can be attended free of charge, these are often of a Jazz musical genre. The hall is surrounded by lakes and bridges, which can be explored on your way there.
5. Birmingham Open Media (BOM)
A company that displays art and exhibitions from creators across Birmingham, enabling a way to share new work. Offering a variety of free events across the year, the eye-catching pieces that are showcased are sure to change your perception on art.
6. Martineau Gardens

Like a park, only the gardens feature a variety of wildlife to accompany the beautiful view. Alongside the vegetable patches, there are also ponds, beehives, bats and badgers.
7. Lickey Hills Country Park
Another amazing place to visit in Birmingham for free, if you’re a fan of nature, then exploring this park will not disappoint. Offering an amazing view across Birmingham when you climb to the top of the hills.
8. Digbeth

If you’re a fan of street art and quirky fashion Digbeth is worth exploring. The streets are filled with modern street art that stretches from wall to wall. Digbeth is also host to various unique stores, which sell alternative products.
9. The Hall of Memory
Based in Centenary Square, the Hall of Memory pays tribute to Birmingham citizens who lost their lives in the First World War. The names can be found inside in a book, which lists them all, and are free all year around.
10. Bullring and Grand Central

Entry to both are free and there are plenty of spaces to explore with free Wi-Fi available alongside seating. Both are obvious choices for tourist attractions, so can get busy. However, they are worth the visit. The attention to detail and design of the buildings is breath taking and there is often a talented musician busking near-by who you can enjoy listening to.”

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