Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

There’s a surprising number of misconceptions out there when it comes to carpet cleaning. Like what the best method for cleaning is, or how to keep your carpet looking great. You don’t want to waste time doing things you don’t have to do, nor do you want to spend lots of money on improper cleaning methods. Let us help you break your carpet cleaning misconceptions so you can clean your carpets effectively and avoid long term damage to your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

Carpet Wearing

You might think that vacuuming more often means that you’re more likely to wear out the carpeting. This isn’t true anymore. Now, carpets are made to be stronger and more durable, meaning that you can vacuum every day and you won’t wear out your carpet. It does help though if your vacuum is functioning like it should.

Cleaning Methods

“How you clean your carpet doesn’t matter as long as it gets clean.” While this might be true in some other situations, this isn’t true in terms of carpeting. You can clean your carpet every day without noticing any wear and tear, but if you use the wrong methods or poorly maintained equipment, your carpet may suffer for it.

For example, there’s a method called the Bonnet Carpet Cleaning method. This method was originally developed for hard flooring, and is made to clean using a high-speed pad soaked in carpet cleaning solution. This doesn’t really do much on carpeting besides grinding the carpet fibers and distributing dust and dirt rather than cleaning it.

It’s important to actually get your carpeting clean, with actual steam or water extraction and powerful suction.

Steam Cleaning

Speaking of using water or steam to get your carpet clean, you don’t need to worry about this method leading to the growth of mildew in your carpeting. That’s because steam cleaning involves the usage of hot steam rather than water, and is often done by a professional.

Now, you could still do steam cleaning on your own with a rented cleaner too. If you do this, it’s important that you understand all the risks, like staying in one spot too long and over saturating the carpeting. To keep your carpet looking great, it might be best to call carpet cleaning experts in Birmingham who know how to operate the equipment.

To avoid any mildew or any other problems though, it’s important to let your carpet to thoroughly try after your steam cleaning is finished.

A New Carpet is New

Your new carpet is brand new, so you don’t need to clean it, right? Wrong. It’s important to start early with your carpet cleaning so that you can prevent problems with dirt and dust getting stuck in between your carpeting. To have your carpet for as long as possible, don’t wait to get your vacuum out.

Using Carpet Deodorant or Baking Soda

You might think that you can use some kind of carpet deodorant or baking soda to get rid of the smell in your carpet and keep it clean without vacuuming. Know that this is always a temporary solution though. Using these too much will just get them stuck in the carpet fibers, and will make it nearly impossible to get them out.

On top of that, these won’t work forever. They might mask smells, but if there’s a smell to your carpet, you really need to get rid of the source of the smell to really notice a difference.

Clean When It’s Dirty

You might not want to clean your carpeting until it really starts to look dirty. Unfortunately, by this time, it’ll be too late though. Waiting to clean your carpet until it looks dirty and avoiding regular vacuuming will only shorten the lifespan of the carpeting because of how much dirt gets stuck up in the fibers.

Safeguard your carpeting to keep it for longer, and know that your carpeting isn’t clean just because it doesn’t look dirty. Vacuum regularly not only to clean up particles of dirt and pollen, but also to help your air quality.

Cheapest Option

You may be tempted to just go with the cheapest carpet cleaning option—because they all get your carpet clean anyway, right? As we mentioned before, you need to choose the right method for your carpeting, and need to remember that the professional experience might just be best sometimes.


There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to carpet cleaning. It’s important to debunk them so you don’t end up damaging your carpet in the long term and know how to get your carpets cleaned the right way.

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