Our guide to caring for your carpets after your carpet cleaning Birmingham service

Once you have had your carpet cleaning Birmingham service, good maintenance helps prolong their splendor

Vacuum your carpet regularly , daily for busy households. Grit and dirt collect at the base of fibres on carpets and can become abrasive. Over time the action of walking on the carpet cause particles to grind away your pile resulting in premature wear. We use an upright vacuum with a powered brushed roller as part of our 10 step cleaning process , this type of vacuum is one which we recommend for extending the life of your carpets. The powered brushed roller dislodges and removes damaging grit and soiling by agitating the carpet pile. For long pile and looped pile carpet we recommend using the suction head only due to possible damage caused by the roller.

Repositioning Furniture from time to time minimizes the effect of sun fade, this also change where people walk on the carpet preventing excess wear on one area only.

When dealing with stains the most important action to take is to react quickly! Never rub as this will push the liquid or substance further into the carpet, blot liquid stains and scrape substance (food) up with a spoon first. Only ever lightly dampen the area with plain or soda water as over wetting can spread the stain. Continue blotting with kitchen roll until all the stain is removed

When cleaning an area of carpet , we would advise not to use soap or detergents, this is due the the residue which is left behind can become sticky and attract further soiling creating dark patches on your carpet. We use professional carpet cleaning chemicals and powerful machines to extract what we clean your carpets in Birmingham and West Midlands areas.

Protective treatments should be applied by professional carpet cleaning companies as this shields the fabric by repelling soil and liquid preventing absorption. When properly protected any spillages will puddle on top of the carpet giving you time to grab something to blot the spillage with. Birmingham Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning offer a full carpet cleaning Birmingham service from clean, stain removal to protecting your carpets professionally.

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