Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Small Heath Birmingham

We offer Carpet Cleaner service in Small Heath Birmingham

Small Heath was likely developed for grazing livestock. It lies on the route from Birmingham to Coventry and it is thought to have been used for transporting animals between markets at the cities. The Coventry Road, around which Small Heath developed, was first recorded in 1226, when Birmingham was a medieval market town and Coventry a city of national importance.

The first recording of Small Heath was noted in 1461, which term applied to a narrow heath between Green Lane and the Coventry Road, where the baths and library were built later. The 1799 opening of the Warwick and Birmingham Canal (now the Grand Union Canal), from Digbeth to Warwick, defined the southern edge of this scattered rural community. In 1852, this definition was enforced with the opening of the Isambard Kingdom Brunel designed Birmingham and Oxford Junction Railway, which follows the same route.

Carpets are an environment in which bacteria and allergens will remain for a long time without thorough cleaning, meaning that not only are professional carpet cleaning services required for appearance’s sake, but for health and hygiene reasons, too. It is recommended by manufacturers and professional bodies that carpets should be cleaned by a professional cleaner every 12-18 months and more often if they’re in a home with small children and/or pets.

All carpets require regular professional cleaning. However, not all carpets require the same treatment. In fact, get the wrong combination of carpet and cleaning product, and you can cause permanent damage. New carpets are an expensive purchase, which is why having an expert assess the situation is the sensible approach.

With different materials requiring different chemicals to be cleaned safely and effectively, it becomes necessary to get the opinion of a specialist in order to know what to do. A Safeclean technician will visit your property to assess your carpet before any cleaning is done, so that the right preparations can be made and the job done as efficiently as possible.

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