Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods and Why Choose a Professional

When it comes to keeping things clean, the surface on which we walk can be one of those problem areas. This is especially so for carpeted surfaces, where debris and obvious signs of dirtiness may not be always that apparent. 

When it comes to such your carpet, it is best left to the experts to do the cleaning for you. Obviously, there are different methods to getting things spick and span. If you are wondering just which kind of professional carpet cleaning methods you should be exploring, we have got you covered.

Professional carpet cleaning methods

While not all methods will work for all carpets, there are always some reliable ways professional cleaning companies rely on to keep your surface clean and safe. As a guideline, the methods usually fall under two categories – wet or dry cleaning. 

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

The more commonly seen method, hot water extraction cleaning is also known as steam carpet cleaning. This method utilizes pressurized hot water in order to ensure your carpet gets a good wash, so to speak. The carpet fiber gets jolted, as dirt is dissolved.

This will require the typical application of a cleaning agent, especially on soiled areas. A brush is then used to agitate the carpet, and followed up with a good rinsing. Once the cleaning agent is more or less settled in the carpet after a short while, the real washing begins. 

Specialized equipment helps to rinse the cleaning agent out thoroughly, before your carpet is left to dry.

Foam Encapsulation

The newer kid on the block, foam encapsulation uses synthetic detergents to help with carpet cleaning. These detergents help capture dirt, before turning into a powder form when dried, and easily removed by vacuuming or brushing.

While carpet shampooing used to be a chosen method, foam encapsulation has taken over. It uses less water, requires less time for drying, and it leaves behind less residue which means you may not need a clean all the time.

The only limitation it has is that it is unable to clean heavily soiled carpets, so keep that in mind.

Bonnet Cleaning

If you are looking to keep the surface looking good, consider Bonnet cleaning. The process is targeting at cleaning the top part of fiber using a machine with a cleaning solution. This helps to absorb the dirt from the surface quickly, and shortens the time to dry.

Bonnet cleaning is extremely useful for areas that see heavy traffic, and not much downtime is available. However, it is clear that this is not a deep clean. Carpets will likely get soiled again really quickly, while chemical residue will build up over time.

Why Choose a Professional?

As you would have already guessed, different needs require different methods and an expert hand to help you along the way. Professional cleaning is the way to go, and if you still have doubts as to why you will need the help of Birmingham carpet cleaning specialists, here are some benefits to look forward to.


When it comes to carpets, there is no doubt that these surfaces see some heavy traffic. However, they are not that cheap or easy to replace at the same time. It is essential that you keep the carpet lasting for as long as possible. Regular, professional cleaning helps with that by removing debris and dirt.


The removal of dirt and bacteria built up in carpets over time will only make your environment that much cleaner. Prevent health issues and remove pollutants with some expert help. You can also prevent odors from deteriorating fibers. 


You can save yourself trouble and time as well by relying on professional cleaning services. They get the job done efficiently, while making sure your carpet gets the love they deserve. Regular maintenance also ensures that you do not have to fork out money for new carpets so often.


Although carpets are usually the largest furnishing in any room, it is not exactly the most looked at surface. However, without regular cleaning, it will inevitably look worse for wear and dampen the aesthetics of the room. A professional cleaning every once in a while will keep things looking fresh and as they should be.


By ensuring your carpets are maintained and cleaned consistently, you can increase the longevity of your carpets and make sure your environment is clean and looking great. With such heavy usage, sometimes it just doesn’t cut it without some professional help. Contact us today, and let our carpet cleaning experts do what we do best.

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