Valentine’s Day Carpet Cleaning Tips

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Maybe you’re planning a romantic night out or even just a quiet night at home, sharing your favorite homemade meal by candle light or watching your favorite romantic movies while snuggled up on the couch. Whatever plans you and your sweetheart may have, rest assured we have got the best Valentine’s Day clean up tips!

Chocolate: To remove chocolate from fabric, simply run under cold water and pretreat. Removing chocolate from furniture or carpeting requires nothing more than an ice cube. Hold the ice over the chocolate until it’s solid, and gently scrape with the edge of a spoon. When nearly all the chocolate is gone blot gently with cold water.

Candle Wax: When the wax is solid, simply pick off the large clumps and scrape away what you can with a plastic knife. Next you’ll need an iron and a clean, white cloth. Place the cloth over the wax and iron. Continue moving the cloth around, careful to only iron clean cloth and avoid spreading the wax. Soon the wax will be as good as gone.

Red Wine: Sprinkle salt on the spill to soak up excess wine, and then rinse well with white wine or club soda, then cold water.

Let your sweetheart and romance be the focus this Valentine’s Day and don’t worry about the clean up. Indy Carpet Cleaning is always here to help with those extra stubborn stains! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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